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If you want to STAND OUT from the crowd and supercharge your success with a proven system, that is exactly what the 15 Minute Principle will do for you and your business. Not only can you increase your ability to achieve more in less time, you can also increase your success which can lead to more financial wins for you. I will show you how inside.


About the Author

Michael Brue specializes in helping professionals break down the walls of mediocrity and get on a proven path to growth and success. His life work is helping people meet their maximum future self!
He has been a top Real Estate Broker and General Manager for close to 17 years using his expertise to help build and expand five Real Estate Market Centers in South Florida. Michael led a team of 1,100 plus Real Estate Agents spread across five market centers and two supporting business centers that have generated several billion dollars in volume, before breaking out and starting his own real estate business as a Broker Associate with COMPASS.
He is passionate about building others up and allowing them to shine with the success he knows is inside of them.
Using his proven system, he is able to draw out an agent’s maximum potential.
Jesse S.
Lynda St. Julien
Kellie Linder
Michael brings home the very essence of accomplishing a goal with a very attainable and measurable (specific) process. It was easy to relate to the situations he mastered (conquered) and the humility he shares within these pages is truly inspiring. I consider it a must read from someone who has walked the path. Michael exhibits extreme generosity in his willingness to share what works so that (and wishes...

— Jesse S.

Joining Michael’s brokerage in 2015 was a decision that truly changed my life for the better. Thinking that all real estate companies were the same, I was pleasantly surprised because of the incredible differences. Michael Brue was one of those surprises. Michael is an enigma and a consummate professional. His all-business exterior is a shell for his massive heart, where he genuinely desires the best for...

— Lynda St. Julien

The General’ AKA Michael Brue! Truly the most influential person I have ever met! I encountered Michael at a very low point in my life. He quickly became my friend and mentor. He believed in me, encouraged me, and motivated me, when I didn’t have the strength or energy to move forward. One of my favorite quotes from him is, “Give me the 30 second version.” He is full of passion, drive, and most important...

— Kellie Linder

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